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SHARE is on a mission to change the way that transportation works in cities. Since the elimination of street cars in the 1950's, cities have been dominated by the car.  The future is multimodal, meaning that instead of owning a car, you will have a "mobility plan" with multiple modes of transportation that you can choose from, depending on the journey.


We are not replacing public transportation, we are making it better. SHARE works with private companies, cities, and transit agencies to introduce a new way to commute. Our team is building a network of trusted mobility options that help people get to work, healthcare, and the places they go the most.

— our mission

Make it easy to

share transportation, and everyone can have access.

Invite riders to SHARE.

Organizations control who has access to SHARE. Riders receive an invitation to join. When they download the SHARE app, they will see what transportation benefits are available to them.

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We Start with Organizations and Cities.

SHARE is the most efficient and dynamic mobility option for commuters. SHARE is designed to change the way people commute, saving time, money, and hassle by making it easy to ride together.


SHARE works with organizations, like municipalities, employers, schools, and healthcare providers to launch shared mobility services. SHARE handles the technology and operations to provide organizations with a turn-key solution for mobility-as-a-service.

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Plan the commute.

Riders enter their destination or pick from a list of available locations.

Choose when you want to ride. It takes less than 2 minutes to plan a month of transportation.

Schedule up to 6 months of rides in advance and guarantee your seat.

Share rides, save money, and everyone benefits.

When you share rides, you help everyone by reducing traffic and lowering your environmental impact.

SHARE costs 75% less per ride vs on-demand ride-sharing. Most rides are discounted or free, thanks to organizations that sponsor rides to work and healthcare.  






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