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The Benefits of Driving with SHARE:

  • Guaranteed hourly pay
  • Drive our new vehicles
  • Paid training, testing, and licensing
  • Flexible schedule with full and part time opportunities
  • Healthcare benefits
  • Paid time off
  • Know when you drive in advance
  • Work with a team that supports you
  • Bonuses or referring new driver

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Frequently asked questions

Driving for SHARE has all the benefits of driving for a ride-sharing company, but you get to drive our vehicles, we pay all of the insurance and gas.  We simplify the process of becoming a professional driver and connect you with rides that match your schedule. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions.

Q. What are the requirements to be a SHARE driver?

SHARE requires that all drivers complete a thorough pre-employment screening, have less than two points on their license, and complete our online and in-vehicle training course. You must be 21 or older to drive with SHARE.

Q. How much can I drive?

We have full time, part time, short term and permanent schedules available for drivers. You can drive anything from one shift a week to 40 hours. We make it easy for drivers to tell us when they are available and to request time off. You login online to schedule your availability to drive and we match you with routes. Completing training and certifications will make you eligible to drive more.

Q. When can I drive?

We have routes for the night owls and the early birds. We have shifts available at all hours of the day. If you have another job, we can work your schedule around it. Many SHARE drivers work part time and take advantage of our flexible schedules.

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Still have questions?

Q. How long is the application and training process?

As soon as you apply online, a SHARE representative will contact you to  complete the first step of the process which can take less than one day. Once you complete the background check and pre-employment drug screen, you can be on the road in as quickly as 5 days. It can take up to 7 days for the results of the background check.

Q. Who do I drive?

SHARE services workplace commuters, students, and older adults. The more training you go through, the more money you can make because you can become eligible for special rides for students and seniors. Some of our riders use wheelchairs and drivers complete wheelchair training prior to being assigned ADA service routes.

Q. What do I drive?

SHARE uses a fleet of vans that range from 7 passenger Honda Odyssey's to 14 passenger Ford Transit Vans. About 30% of the SHARE fleet has a wheelchair lift or ramp. You never have to drive your own vehicle. We have all of the insurance. Just grab the keys and drive safe.

Q. Can drivers get promoted?

We believe in rewarding the people that help us. We have promoted drivers to dispatchers, fleet managers, and other positions. We hope to someday promote drivers to be software developers and other positions at SHARE. Driving with SHARE is a great start to a rewarding career with a company that cares.

Q. How does SHARE measure driver performance?

Safe driving is the most important thing we do at SHARE. We have built a company that supports drivers and helps them provide safe, comfortable, and reliable service to our riders, every time. SHARE drivers are measured based on the safety of their driving. We use dashcams for the drivers protection and we track speed, cornering, breaking, and acceleration to measure the safety of drivers. Drivers get to see their scores and unsafe driving results in coaching. Unsafe driving will result in termination.