A mobility company for a world where everyone is a passenger.

SHARE is a mobility company.

We partner with organizations like employers, senior communities, schools, healthcare providers, and cities to power a new type of transportation called "microtransit".


Microtransit is not the bus and it's not ride-sharing (both are great, but they are not SHARE). Microtransit is a way to plan, coordinate, and deliver mobility as a service to groups of riders.


People schedule and share rides, it costs organizations less, our software makes it run, and the service is delivered by safe, professional drivers in reliable, connected vehicles.


Made in Columbus, OH

Founding Concept | Jaguar Land Rover Tech Incubator

Founded with the vision for building software for a world where everyone is a passenger, the company was incorporated as AVE AutoMedia Inc - "Autonomous Vehicle Experience". The founding team completed a 6 month incubator program with Jaguar Land Rover in Portland, OR to pursue this concept and find a big problem, we could solve, quickly.

Mobility Platform MVP | SHARE 1.0

We build our first shared mobility application. We used it to power a new mobility service. We thought that other companies might want us to build software for them to make their transportation operation smart. It needed to be more than software.

Launched SHARE Microtransit Service

The problem needed a different type of mobility operation. To accomplish that, the team bought 2 vans and launched V1 of the SHARE microtransit service with an employer that provided mobility benefits for a seasonal job that was outside of the bus line.

July 2016

January 2017

October 2017

October 2018

Launched SHARE 2.0

We launched a completely new software platform for SHARE to meet the needs of the organizations that worked with us to solve their transportation challenges. We increased the # of riders per trip, reduced vehicle capacity requirements, and setup a foundation for expanding SHARE services into new markets.


SHARE Mobility | Services & Platform

Operating microtransit services in Columbus and Cleveland with plans for expansion, SHARE has over 110 team members & professional drivers that have helped to deliver over 200,000 safe rides.

Drive with SHARE

Learn More & Apply to Drive

If you are interested in a flexible opportunity that let's you serve your community, Join our team of professional drivers and receive paid training, access to health benefits, and a consistent schedule driving our fleet of vans and buses.


Meet our team

Aaron Shocket


Derrek Seif

Chief Product Officer

Michael Martens

Chief Growth Officer

Scott Morrison

Director of HR

Chris Gaile

Area Manager

Nate Wise

Fleet Manager

Dalandrea Whiteside

Operations Manager

Ryan McManus

Founder & CEO